"Sometimes you meet a person and you just click.

You're comfortable with them, like you've known them before.

You don't have to pretend to be anyone or anything,

unless you desire to do so."    Angelina Jones


‚óŹ Please thoroughly peruse my entire site,  prior to contacting

me, when you decide I'm the "Gfe Gem" you have been seeking.

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Welcome referenced Gentlemen, and thank you for

your keen interest in spending quality time with me.


I'm  Angelina Jones, a highly intellectual,

fun-loving, seductive import from Spain.


  As a popular sought-after, upscale Companion based in

San Diego, I possess rare, unenhanced, natural,

exotic beauty, with sexy creative wiles to

stir your wanton desires.  


Additionally, I'm genuinely affectionate, pampering, 

and exquisitely trained as a Licensed Massage Therapist.


    Ultimately, with great skill and finesse, I creat lustful,

passionate toe-curling excitement.


Forget unfulfilled, upsell, rushed dating. 

provide well-reviewed trysts which are comparable to none! 


I am refined, unique and an accomplished woman,

with a Masters Degree from an Ivy-League school.


Formerly, I was a recognizable, published Actress and Model,

whom was afforded the ability to travel the World extensively.


I became knowledgeable about various cultures

and traditions,  which seemlessly allows my prescence 

anywhere to be admired with intrigue, however, my discretion

is always discerning.    Thus I welcome multi-cultural, respectful guests.


Though I'm a social butterfly,

I haven't time for the traditional courting rituals.  

  I've chosen this occupation for my own personal

satisfaction and enjoyment.


Won't you join me in this journey

for the pursuit of pleasure?